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Orange County Divorce Mediation Lawyer – Attorney Robert Glasser

Are you presently involved in or do you want to avoid the combat of divorce litigation? Is a financially or emotionally complicated divorce coming? If you know that you are headed for divorce and want to explore peaceful divorce solutions, contact Orange County Divorce Mediation Lawyer Robert Glasser. Call 949-752-2727. A brief telephone consultation with a skilled divorce mediator will help you decide if mediation can work for you and your spouse. Your husband or wife also needs to join in the decision to choose divorce by mediation. He or she is invited to call too, become informed about mediation, and then meet together. At that orientation session, you will learn if mediation is the right choice.

Attorney Glasser has been guiding spouses through Divorce Mediation since 1984. Mr. Glasser can help you and your spouse transition through your divorce without the stress and anxiety of court combat. Litigation can take years to resolve, with the uncertainty that comes when a complete stranger decides your future.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce Mediation is a highly effective alternative to traditional Family Law litigation. A self-determined process, it takes place safely and privately outside of a courtroom and without judicial interference. Divorce Mediation provides a confidential, non-combative atmosphere where couples are active participants in making informed decisions to craft an enforceable divorce settlement agreement. Orange County Divorce Mediation Attorney Robert Glasser

Attorney Divorce Mediators are trained and experienced neutral, legal and mental health professionals. We work with divorcing clients to facilitate communication and provide creative solutions to help divorcing couples reach mutually beneficial agreements. That speeds up the divorce process. Divorce Mediators offer guidance involving the distribution of assets, debts, retirements, spousal support, and issues relating to children, including custody, support and visitation.

Orange County Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser is a skilled divorce mediator who has been helping couples resolve the issues relating to their divorce in a peaceful, calm and confidential setting for almost 30 years. Divorce Mediation is a voluntary process within the structure of which divorcing couples make informed and knowledgeable decisions. When acting as a Divorce Mediation Lawyer, Mr. Glasser does not advocate for either of the couple. Rather, he is a neutral who assists the divorcing spouses in how to make sound decisions and resolve their disputes respectfully. The mediation process is guided by logic rather than emotions, and Mr. Glasser, with his co-mediator, Jann Glasser, LCSW, MFCC, work with couples so that they can distinguish between the two.

Orange County CA Divorce Mediation Attorney

If you and your spouse are divorcing and you want to avoid costly financial and emotional court combat, plus years of turmoil, contact Orange County CA Divorce Mediation Attorney Robert Glasser. Research shows that couples who engage in their own divorce settlements, create their own parenting plans, and oversee how their assets are distributed are less likely to trigger future court litigation. Divorce Mediation also promotes better long-term co-parenting skills because the parties have laid the peacemaking foundation by learning how to make decisions together rather than fighting out their disputes in the courtroom.

Divorce Mediation enables divorcing parties to:

Reach a Mutual Agreement and Control the Terms of their Divorce

Save Money, Stress, Time and Aggravation

Reach Fair Financial Agreements (Assets, Debts, & Support)

Create a Parenting Plan that will Promote the Best Interests of the Children

When you choose divorce litigation over mediation, you are choosing to give a judge the power to make crucial decisions regarding your personal life, your relationship with your children, and your finances. Divorce Mediation ensures that rather than being an observer to your divorce, you are an active participant, one who is fully informed about the consequences of each decision. By choosing to work with Orange County Divorce Mediation Lawyer Robert Glasser and Jan Glasser, you and your spouse are choosing to have a say, and make your divorce settlement work for you.

Call Orange County Divorce Mediation Attorney Robert Glasser at 949-752-2727, or contact us online to make an appointment, together with your spouse, with one of Orange County’s leading Divorce Mediation teams and Divorce Mediation Lawyers.