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Orange County Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Orange County Collaborative Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser has been a leading practitioner of collaborative divorce in Orange County, California since 2006. If divorce is inevitable, the Collaborative Divorce Process helps ensure that even if difficult, your divorce does not become disastrous.

What is a Collaborative Divorce? Collaborative Divorce is a peaceful, self-determined process that avoids court combat. Collaborative Divorce is more and more often viewed by divorcing couples, like you, as a healthier and less costly way to end a marriage. It is a good option for divorcing spouses who share the goal of resolving their divorce issues without having to fight or heavily deplete financial and emotional resources.

If you are interested in more information about Collaborative Divorce, how it can benefit you and your family, contact Orange County Collaborative Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser at 949-752-2727. A brief initial consultation is at no cost. Mr. Glasser will discuss whether a cooperative, peaceful alternative to divorce by court combat is a good choice for you and your family.

Collaborative Divorce Process in Orange County California

Collaborative Divorce is the art of working together to create divorce solutions that will work for you, your husband or wife and your family. During the Collaborative Divorce Process, the divorcing parties work with a team of divorce professionals to craft an enforceable divorce settlement. Although divorce may be inevitable, the parties do not have to lose their dignity or go broke in the process.Orange County Child Collaborative Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser

The Collaborative Divorce team includes a neutral financial specialist who is jointly chosen by the parties, collaboratively trained divorce lawyers, individual divorce coaches. If children are involved, a jointly chosen child specialist will speak on their behalf. This team of collaborative professionals helps reduce conflict by identifying potentially charged issues and addressing them before they become too large to overcome. Emotionally driven behavior and complex legal and financial issues are contained until the couple can make informed decisions.  

Once you and your divorcing partner have chosen your collaborative team, we will begin working as a team to help you and your spouse create the outcome of your divorce. Call Orange County, California Collaborative Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser today at 949-752-2727 to obtain more information about Collaborative Divorce.

Orange County California Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Orange County, California Collaborative Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser has been providing trusted legal representation to clients throughout the region for more than 40 years, and has been actively engaged in the practice of Collaborative Divorce since 2006. Litigation not only tears individuals apart, it means that your case will be decided by a judge who does not understand your family dynamics, your children or you. Court combat can take years to settle or decide, and the cost can easily exceed tens of thousands of dollars for each spouse.

Collaborative Divorce is a peaceful process for the divorcing couple to become fully informed and active participants to determine how property will be divided, making a parenting plan that allows parents and children to maintain and grow their relationships, and to end their marriage in truce, with the dignity of having decided their own outcomes.

For the Collaborative Divorce Process to be successful, the divorcing spouses must share the belief that the family’s best interests are served by avoiding contentious litigation. Collaborative Divorce also relies on clients being forthcoming with data, and openly communicating their concerns and goals in crafting their own settlement. Husband and wife jointly create a common set of goals, or a mission statement to guide them through dealing with their respective concerns, anxieties, current and future needs.

An empowering process, Collaborative Divorce allows the parties to control their divorce, make knowing and intelligent decisions, and transition peacefully to the next stage of their lives.

Contact an Innovative Orange County California Collaborative Divorce Attorney

An increasing number of couples are actively seeking more constructive alternatives to divorce through court combat. Collaborative Divorce takes every aspect of each party’s well-being into account. By bringing in a team of divorce professionals who will help you end your marriage in a safe, emotionally healthy environment, we can help you resolve your disputes without court interference and put you in control of your own divorce.   

If you believe that Collaborative Divorce is a viable alternative to settle your case, contact the Law Offices of Orange County Collaborative Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser. We provide a 30 minute consultation for clients considering this option at no charge. Additional alternative approaches are also available and can be discussed.  

Call 949-752-2727 today. Get more information about Collaborative Divorce from one of Orange County’s leading Collaborative Divorce Lawyers.